Philippine Outsourcer: Tips on Choosing the Right Outsourcing Company

Posted on July 15, 2015 · Posted in blog outsourcing

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Choosing the right outsourcing company can be one of the most difficult tasks that you need to face. You need to be extremely careful when selecting outsourcing service providers as this can tremendously damage your company’s core.

Philippine Outsourcer says client-provider relationship can turn sour, especially if doubts about the suitability of the outsourced company arise. However, if you have done due diligence in choosing the apt outsourcing provider, the end result will be satisfactory to everyone involved.

Here are some tips for you to choose the right and best outsourcing companies for your business.

Check Proven Track Records

Always find out the vendor’s experience when it comes to delivering services, especially the ones you plan to outsource. Check the type of clients they worked for, number of projects executed and function expertise for knowledge-intensive sectors or tasks.

In addition, you can ask for qualifications of the management team and the experiences of each team member involved. If you plan to enter a long-term contract, it is advisable to interact with the proposed team – individually – before signing or closing the deal.

Ask For Work Samples and References

Always seek references and speak with previous clients to better understand the scope of the outsourcing company. By doing so, you will be able to grasp the vendor’s quality of services, client engagement practices and culture, timely deliveries, etc.

Also, be sure to check how they handle potential challenges, which may come up, and how they avoid or overcome them. Furthermore, ask for samples or portfolios of previous works or projects, so you can get a feel of the end output.

Ensure Client Management and Good Communication

You have to make sure that the vendor you choose speak your language. For example, if you want people who speak the English language fluently, better choose Philippine outsourcers than India’s. Finding the outsource partner that can efficiently speak and communicate your language can help you understand their business objectives.

Check Credentials and Financial Stability

It is always important to make sure that your outsourced company has sufficient working capital and secured financial resources. Cases where a whole business function – like outsourcing IT tasks – merit an in-depth risk assessment of the vendor’s financial and business health.

On the other hand, find out more about the vendor’s directors and managers and the experiences and qualifications of each. When you are equipped with this detailed information, you can determine if a specific outsourcing company matches your expectations.

Meeting and Presentation

This is the most important aspects in weighing decisions. Basically, the outsourcing company is given the opportunity to deliver a presentation and demonstrate their understanding of your business process workflows, requirements, and, most importantly, improvement opportunities. This allows you to go deeper to their foundation and be able to have an idea of both their strength and weaknesses.

According to Philippine Outsourcer, business owners should ask questions after the presentation. If there are areas you need clarifications, a second meeting should be arranged before the selection is made. You can conduct this meeting via webinars or Skype.