Philippine Outsourcers: 7 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring Content Writers

Posted on June 15, 2015 · Posted in blog outsourcing

Philippine Outsourcers

Content writing is a fad in the search engine optimization industry. It has proven to be the bedrock of every successful outsourcing enterprise. Consequently, content writing is a battle of words to rule search engines, engage site visitors and maintain customers. For this to be won, you need a soldier who can make it happen – the content writer.

Hiring the right content writer is not easy. You must see to it that he/she is capable of writing articles relevant to your website and, most importantly, enough for search engines to optimize. Outsourcing companies like Philippine outsourcers hire writers who can produce articles that attract readers to visit websites repeatedly.

So if you’re ready to hire a content writer, ensure first that you separate the wheat from the chaff. Here are 7 questions you must ask before hiring one.

1. What is/are the best book(s) you’ve read recently?

Writers love to read books, and not only magazines and blogs. Take note of their answers. If they mention books about marketing and/or general business, it’s a plus. It shows what a well-rounded individual your candidate is.

2. What blogs do you read?

You are looking for a writer that has sharp skills, which includes reading blogs on the topic of content creation. Any content or marketing-focused blogs are satisfactory answers. If you hear celebrity gossips blogs like Perez Hilton, think twice.

3. Your thoughts about kicking off a new client project?

Your goal – really – is to test his listening skills. Content writers tend to spend time with clients to get a feel of the brand’s disposition as well as the workarounds of its target market. The red flag is when you hear an answer like, “I start writing right away.”

4. What is the difference between copy and content?

Basically, copy is to sales while content is to value. For example, stuff you find in a brochure is copy; whereas content is something you read in genuine newsletters. Content writers know the difference between the two.

5. How do you proofread?

Proofreading is not just about reading your contents over and over. Good writers have several processes for proofing, and this could be reviewing a printed copy or reading contents aloud. And of course, grammar is a necessity.

6. What programs and operation systems do you use?

It is important that writers have the know-how to various systems/programs. It’s the Internet era, and you know how things work nowadays. Your writer needs not to be tech savvy, but at least knowledgeable about several systems/programs.

7. How do you optimize search for content?

Content writing is not just about writing. It involves a great deal of search engine optimization, and your writer should have basic SEO knowledge. Listen to how your candidate defines “keyword focus” and how these works in content writing.

Remember that the hiring process is just a stepping stone. Your next goal is to cultivate a writer-ly culture within your team. Best outsourcing companies indulge their writers to writing seminars and festivals.