Business Process Outsourcing Philippines: 5 Tips for Choosing an Outsourcing Vendor

Posted on November 11, 2014 · Posted in blog outsourcing

Over the past several years, the internet has slowly changed not just how people distribute information, but even how they do business. Going global is now more within reach because of the Web, and businesses continue to venture into the virtual realm.

Due to this, web design and development, social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and related services are in high demand. Usually, to save money, firms turn to outsourcing providers or vendors to handle these. As with anything in business, there are advantages and disadvantages to business process outsourcing – but with the right approach, gain can outweigh the risk.

As mentioned above, the main reason behind choosing to outsource certain tasks is to save money. What some companies may not know is that cost savings would happen only if outsourcing is done correctly, and if the service provider is the right one for the job.

This means that the biggest disadvantage of outsourcing is, it may cost more money to fix mistakes made by substandard workmanship. So how do you choose the right outsourcing company to make sure your needs are met while still saving you time and money?

1. Decide what to outsource. Depending on your business, you may or may not want to subcontract the same tasks as other companies you know of. An information technology company will outsource accounting, but not software development.

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Pinpointing which tasks to outsource will help narrow down your choice of the service provider. Website creation and data storage, for example, will fall under ITO, or information technology outsourcing.

2. Define the end result. This is different from simply choosing what tasks to outsource. You’ll want to be clear as to the desired benefits, so you can tell if the vendor is doing a good job or not.

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For instance, if you’re outsourcing website design and development for your new business, your desired outcome might be to increase your potential market through online visibility. Philippine Outsourcers is one of the outsourcing firms you’ll want to consider, in that case.

3. Check the records. Once you have a list of vendors you’re considering entering into a partnership with, you’ll want to find as much as you can on each one’s previous work. Their experience in delivering similar services to what you’re outsourcing should be a big factor.

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If you can, ask for references from their previous clients, as well as samples of the company’s work. This will help you better understand the extent of the firm’s abilities, not to mention the quality of their services and the turnaround time for projects.

4. Look at communication. You don’t have to micro-manage the firm you partner with, but being able to easily reach someone in charge, like the project manager, can ensure success. You’ll want to be sure that you speak a common language, too.

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5. Choose specialization. It may be tempting to choose a big outsourcing vendor, since they’re more likely to meet certain criteria. For example, you want to improve your company’s online marketing, so you’ll want a firm that has the best tools to handle that.

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However, a smaller firm like Philippine Outsourcers that specialises in local search engine optimization services and related tasks is the best choice. A specialised firm can definitely deliver high-quality work, regardless of tasks outsourced.