Local Search Engine Optimization Services: 3 Ways To Do It Easy

Posted on February 13, 2015 · Posted in General

Local business is indebted to Google in directly promoting their businesses in the locality. Global rankings may be important in terms of keywords search, but increasing a business’ presence on local searches is tantamount to having a strong foundation in ranking globally.

In local rankings, local search engine optimization services is the key. When you want to rank locally, aside from hiring a capable local SEO team, there are fundamental things you need to know first.

Starting a local SEO campaign can become complicated fast. However, as a business owner, you don’t need to dabble deeply into the art of SEO to know firsthand the basics into having an Internet presence. A website and social media handles are two of the most important things to set-up.

Delving surface-deep, here are three things to focus on:

Make your website’s home page more reliable, more dynamic and more interactive.

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The latest Google update, Pigeon, focuses on how content is enriched and healthy links are incoming to that page. Forget about last year’s focus on Google Places and being on Google Maps, 2015 is all about your business’ Internet presence becoming more niche-specific than how it previously was.

To do this, don’t focus on so many keywords stuffed on your articles. Instead, focus on making your articles readable, share-worthy and reliable. When you hire a local SEO team, specifically request those articles to be not keyword-stuffed, and make sure content writers are the best in their field. Continuing to spurn generic, unworthy content can not only de-rank your website in the future, it can also possibly earn you a penalty with the next Google’s algorithm releases.

Sync your addresses, your offices and your locations in one, unified page.

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Local SEO is focused in turning up the most location-based worthy results. Remember to unify all your addresses in all your citations. For example, if your address is “1 Corner Street, X City” do not truncate or transmute it to “1 Street Corner, City of X” in other pages. This is incredibly important especially when you have an SEO team to back you up. Having your locations in sync with all the citations, article features and press releases is tantamount to getting your business have a singular entity on the Internet. When your business have separate addresses in different locations, make sure the location addresses are in sync with their corresponding pages too.

Incomplete, inaccurate and displacing information about a business means negative backlash. Minimize this through getting your information right in the first place. One of business owners’ most common mistakes when starting with local SEO is misplaced eagerness. This usually results to un-usable citations, which is the result of conflicting information. Delete duplicate pages when necessary.

Get listed.

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Having your business listed with popular local business aggregators may arguably be one of the healthiest move you can organically do to start a local SEO campaign. Being listed with Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. makes your business presence accessible.

Properly categorize your business, with relevant keywords in them. Most local SEO teams can easily do this for you. Search for the advantages and disadvantages of business process outsourcing and take it from there. Make it your personal goal to know what the Internet can make to help you advertise your business.