Outsourcing IT and Beyond: Customer Service for a Stable Client Base

Posted on March 6, 2015 · Posted in General
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The Internet has given many small businesses a chance to compete with bigger names, regardless of what area of business they’re in. However, expanding or getting started online is only the first step alongside many.

If you’re a business that just started out, or thinking of doing so, there’s still much to do before you start seeing the profits you’re looking for. You need to build a client base – customers who will stick with your firm in the long run. Firms like Philippine Outsourcers can help do just that.

Customer service is a sure-fire way to building such a client base, even if it’s just a local one at the start. International clients can be handled later – and will be, once you have a system in place that works for your firm.

Customer service isn’t a concession to the saying “the customer is always right”, but is symbolic of the extra effort any company puts forth in helping clients feel comfortable interacting with them. Once that’s achieved, consumers will be more likely to stay with that company.

Suggestions for better service are still welcome, of course; whether customers know it or not, the final decision on which suggestions to ultimately implement still rest with you.

So given that, how can an outsourcing firm help you ensure that your own clients feel you value them and their input?

1. Speedy delivery. Customers expect a certain quality for what they pay, but they don’t want to  wait too long, either. The outsourcing firm can help ensure that any complaints your customers have will be addressed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can focus on your core tasks.

This way, you don’t need to take time away from pressing matters, and client concerns don’t necessarily have to take a lower spot on your list of priorities.

2. Teamwork. Giving a customer a good – or great – experience should be everyone’s job, not just yours or whoever happens to deal with them on a daily basis. It’s similar to a stage play, with everyone having a role in making sure the audience enjoys the performance.

You certainly can’t cover a slip-up or mistake, but you can try and make up for it so that all the audience remembers is the positive side, rather than focusing on the negative.

In the same way, an outsourcing vendor can work with you to help ensure that your client’s focus is on what’s good about the service. They can help you make sure that the slip-up becomes less memorable as a result.

3. Personalized service. You don’t want customers to see you as ‘just another store’; nor do they want to be ‘just another customer’ in your eyes.

The outsourcing firm can help you give them a personalized experience each time they purchase your products, visit the site, and so on. For instance, a virtual assistant can ensure that emails address them by name, and that answers to queries will be likewise handled with care.

 So look for the best outsourcing companies that make it a point that clients receive the best services tailored to fit their needs. You’ll see your client base slowly but surely take shape.